19 Cats That Prove Not All Cats Are Smart..These Ones Are Pretty Stupid

Cats are just like us! They always think something is a great idea until they do it, then they instantly regret it.

1. This cat who’s not completely sure how to get down from here

2. This fat cat who might wanna start Weight Watchers

3. This cat who thought this was a good idea at the time

4. This cat who just really wanted to see what all the fuss about outside was

5. This cat who just wanted to watch the Slinky go down the stairs

6. This kitten who just wanted to help count your change

7. This cat who just wanted to know what you bought at the store

8. This cat who just wants to warm up

9. And this one who just wanted to cool down

10. This cat who just had stuffy nose

11. This cat who didn’t think about what he was doing before he jumped in that box

12. This kitten who thought a glass jar would be a good idea

13. This helpful cat who is just trying to water the plant

14. This cat who should probably brush up on his reading skills

15. This guy who just wanted to help you paint the living room

16. This cat who just wanted to sit ON the couch, not IN the couch

17. This cat who just wanted to see outside

18. This cat who can’t get away with his crime

19. This cat who got really excited about the screen door

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