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21 Gifts For People Who Love Their Pets A Little Too Much

1. Cat Massager

There’s nothing better than a relaxed cat.

2. Cat Crib

I’m sure they’ll still just crawl into your bed, but it’s worth a shot.

3. Turntable Cat Scratch Pad

Make your cat’s dreams of becoming a DJ come true.

4. Bird Shower Perch

For those who absolutely must shower with their birds.

5. Canine-Safe Holiday Cupcakes

Why can’t your dog enjoy some holiday treats too?

6. Puppy Raincoat

Protect your pup during bad weather.

7. Doggie Water Fountain

Keep your dog hydrated whenever they’re outside.

8. Aquarium Coffee Table

Make your pet a part of your home.

9. Pet Activity Tracker

Perfect for puppies, kittens and sneaky old pets.

10. Puppy Pool Float

You don’t want your pup to miss out on summertime fun, do you?

11. Wooden Cat Bridge

For the adventurous cats.

12. Hamster Ball and Track

Take your hamster on the ride of their life.

13. Catnip Joints

Legal in all 50 states.

14. Pet Umbrella with Leash

You can bring your dog with you even on a rainy day.

15. Holiday Pet Bed

Get your grumpy cat into the holiday spirit.

16. Automatic Litter Box

Just $400 and a lot of peace of mind.

17. Pet Fence Window

Give them a glimpse into a world they’ll never enter.

18. PetChatz

PetChatz is a “greet & treat videophone.” This device allows you to see, hear and talk to your pet from anywhere. The device also emits a calming scent or treat for your pet.

19. Puppy Pillow

This is perfect is Fido is your nightly cuddle buddy.

20. Toilet Water Bowl

This is great if your bathroom time is constantly being interrupted by a thirsty dog.

21. Fish Apartment

For the minimalist goldfish.

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