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21 Goats And Their Feelings That Are Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

These are the goats we all need in our lives. All of us!

1. The two goats who know exactly what real friendship means.

2. This goat who finds beauty in the world around her.

3. This goat who wants you to know that you’ll always have a spot at home if your adventures in the big city don’t go as well as you planned.

4. This goat who is throwing all of the shade in the entire world.

5. This goat who knows that big ears can be extremely fabulous.

6. These goats who know that it’s possible to maintain beautiful friendships while still enjoying a little running competition every once in a while.

7. This goat who gets so much joy out of a day spent out in the sunshine.

8. This goat who isn’t afraid to strut every once in a while.

9. This goat who gives zero fucks about stealing focus from the other goats in the photo.

10. This goat who loves their natural hair.

11. This goat who is happiest when surrounded by their friends and family.

12. This goat who is always looking to the skies.

13. This goat who has learned you should NEVER take yourself too seriously.

14. The goat you need in your life when you need advice from someone who’s seen it all before.

15. This goat who absolutely will not let society cage her in.

16. This goat who loves nothing more than traveling the globe.

17. This goat who has come so far and is not about to stop climbing until they reach the top.

18. This goat who understands the value in experimenting with funky new facial hair styles.

19. These goats who know what teamwork looks like.

20. This goat who has such a nice smile I just want to wrap them up in a hug.

21. When shit pops off at the club, this will be the first goat to start mouthing off to the person messing with you and have your back in an INSTANT.


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