If You Own a Cat, You’re Going to Want to Know These 25 Hacks

Cats are known to be pretty low-maintenance, but you can give them the best life ever (and make yours easier) with these hacks.

Grow your own catnip and save money.

1. Use this hack to get cat litter out of hard-to-reach areas in your house.

2. Get cat hair off of your clothes using a dryer sheet.

3. Instead of declawing your cat, get them nail caps.

Get them here.

4. Use a t-shirt and two hangers to make a cat tent.

5. Make a DIY cat scratcher using a toilet brush.

Tutorial via Love Pets DIY.

6. Make a shelter to keep feral cats warm in the winter.

Get the tutorial here.

7. Put double-sided tape on surfaces where you don’t want your cat to jump.

8. Place your cats food on a shallow plate, if they tend to eat too quickly.

9. Make a under-table or under-chair hammock for your cat.

10. Light a candle to trap fleas.

11. Cut squares out of a bookshelf for a DIY exercise area.

12. Use a plastic pitcher to hold and pour your cats food easily.

13. Sew together two Gosig baskets from IKEA to create a little hideaway for your cat.

14. Keep your cat close, but out of your workspace.

15. Use window screen tape to fix and spots on your window that your cat has clawed threw.

16. Create a hidden area for the litter box using a cabinet door panel, a curtain and a tension rod.

17. Make an all-in-one bed and scratching post using sisal rope and an Expedit shelving unit.

18. Use carpet samples and wooden frames for DIY scratching posts.

19. Make your own Clevercat Litter Box to give your cat some privacy.

Tutorial via Posed Perfection.

20. A tissue box and toilet paper rolls is the easiest DIY toy you could think of.

21. Make a tupperware cutout puzzle and keep your cat entertained for hours.

Tutorial via The Glam Cat

22. Remove cat hair from upholstered furniture by using a rubber glove.

23. Make a tiny bed of grass for you cat to lay in.

24. Use IKEA Lack shelves for a climbing space for your cat.

25. Keep your cat from unraveling all your toilet paper rolls by tucking the paper into the roll.

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