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These 11 Rescued Pets Will Brake Your Heart and Restore Your Faith in Humanity

These cats were abandoned, severely injured, and close to death, but they were saved by people with huge hearts who were in the right place at the right time. Now, after being loved on and nursed back to radiant health, they’re happy and full of life.

“Louie” was found in a gutter, only two weeks old, and emaciated

Rescued Pet 1

A year later, he’s now king of the house.

“Kodama” was discovered in the streets, with a maggot-infested, grizzly wound

Rescued Pet 2

6 years later, she’s healthy, happy, and still begging for food.

Heart-breakingly, “Duncan” was found in the middle of the road, severely injured and disoriented.

Rescued Pet 3

Now, after a year of recovery, he’s at full health and couldn’t be happier.

Premie-kitten, “Stuart Little” was found in a neighborhood, helpless and vulnerable

Rescued Pet 4

Now, almost 6 months later, he’s still adorably small, but in a loving home.

Tragically, “Mr. Biscuits” hid in a car engine during the bitter winter. When the driver drove away with him inside, he sustained horrible burns.

Rescued Pet 5

A shelter found a box of kittens with only one blind little survivor.

Rescued Pet 6

Now, 6 months later, “Curtis” is back to full health and regained his vision.

“Scout” a full-grown cat, had been a stray all his life.

Rescued Pet 7

Then someone decided to take him and his spectacular whiskers in. Now he’s clean, healthy, and happy as can be.

As a street cat, “Snowball” was badly injured, and gravely malnourished

Rescued Pet 8

Now, almost a year later, he’s fully recovered and happy as ever.

“Bunny” was first found with severe electrocution injuries.

Rescued Pet 9

Now, several months later, he’s as healthy as can be.

Someone found “Utopia” helplessly wandering the streets on a rainy day.

Rescued Pet 10

Now, several months later, he wanders the house looking for feet to paw at.

This kitten was found in a box, abandoned and near death.

Rescued Pet 11

Only a few short months of recovery later, she’s back to 100% health.

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