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These Three Dogs Are Clearly Best Friends and Their Photos Together Will Melt Your Heart

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but the bond between two dogs can be just as strong, if not more so. The one forged between Weimaraner Harlow and Mini Dachshund Sage is prime example.

The two were inseparable, and together, they took the internet by storm, with their adorable adventures. Sadly though, things came to an end when Sage passed at the ripe old age of 13. Devastated by her loss, Harlow was down and out for months. Fortunately though, her story doesn’t end there.

The cute little munchkin on the left is Sage.

dog bestfriend 1

While she missed her dearly, Harlow was soon introduced to a new companion.

That’s where Indiana Thunderbolt comes in.

dog bestfriend 2

An equally adorable Dachshund with a personality as awesome as her name.

The two quickly bonded, and became the best of friends.

dog bestfriend 3

But there was another addition to the family that would soon be made…

dog bestfriend 4

And that’s where this precious little pipsqueek comes in, Reese Lightning.

dog bestfriend 5

At first, she was a little shy. And understandably, the two were a bit skeptical.

dog bestfriend 6

But not long after, the three more than warmed up to each other, and formed a trifecta of friendship.

dog bestfriend 7

It was almost as if they had been friends in a past life, they bonded so quickly.

dog bestfriend 8

And naturally, Harlow began looking after Reese, like only she knows how.

dog bestfriend 9

And together, the three are just one big, playful bundle of joy…

dog bestfriend 10dog bestfriend 11

Indiana and Reese even have their own Dachshund adventures.

dog bestfriend 12

But of course, they enjoy being together most of all.

dog bestfriend 13

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