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This Beagle Will Put Anything in His Mouth but is Never Exactly Sure What to Do Next

Meet Sid the beagle.

Sid’s a bit strange. Why? Well, because he has the bizarre habit of putting delicious human foods in his mouth, but never actually eating them. Doesn’t matter what it is, or really even how hungry he is – he won’t eat it.

The type of snack is irrelevant. It could be pizza…

beagle 1

Or bacon…

beagle 2


beagle 3

Now that’s what I call self control.

Or dogs.

beagle 4

Sid won’t eat it – just hold it cheerfully in his mouth until his jaws tire.

“Sid loves food, but mostly just to put food in his mouth and not eat it.” says his owner Alex Hopes.

Watch all of his weirdly adorable antics here:

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