23 Adorable Babies That Will Melt Even The Stoniest Heart

Who knew that Australia was home to so many adorable baby animals?! I didn’t…not until I saw all of these cute fellas! Prepare yourself. You’re gonna be here awhile.

This baby wombat

baby 1

An adorable baby koala

baby 2

Pomeranian/Australian Shepherd mix puppy

baby 3

A handful of Australian shepherds

baby 4

A kangaroo joey…aww

baby 5

A Quokka and her baby

baby 6

A baby platypus drinking milk

baby 7

A precious Australian Shepherd pup

baby 8

The cutest kangaroo joey

baby 9

Baby wallaby!

baby 10

Australian cattle dog puppy

baby 11

This cute baby koala, too!

baby 12

Aww…a mini Australian shepherd puppy

baby 13

No one is as happy as this pup, though!

baby 14

Look at the eyes on this Blue Merle Australian Shepherd!!

baby 15

baby 16

Another adorable baby platypus! Someone looks sleepy!

baby 17

Mama kangaroo kissing her joey.

baby 18

Baby wallaby is hanging out with mama.

baby 19

Baby wombat…look how happy he is!

baby 20

Baby albino koalas are just as cute!

baby 21

Koala cuddles…aww

baby 22

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