15 Couples Who Are Absolutely Perfect For Each Other

Sometimes you find someone who is absolutely perfect for you, and these people have definitely found their better halves.

1. Well, stop being so sensitive then…

2. Not sure who is better here, the boyfriend or the pizza place

3. It’s very important to have similar interests

4. The perfect booty call

5. Perfect age range!

6. This couple is doing their wedding china right!

7. Do you think she’ll notice?

Did you notice? It took me a while, but there’s a dinosaur in the picture!

8. Anyone who puts that much thought into a laugh is a keeper

9. How…sweet? I don’t know what to make of this one

10. Even adults like some good clean potty humor

11. This woman knows the best way to get her husband to do chores

12. Well, at least one of them is laughing

13. Nothing quite as sweet as sleeping on your husband’s face

14. Easily the best response to being sick

15. Best. Gift. Ever

(If of course, you’re Trevor…otherwise it’s just an OK gift.)

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