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This Couple Did Some Intense Research About Stay-at-Home Moms and Then Made a Decision

This family came to the conclusion stay-at-home moms should earn about $73,000 per year based on everything they do while at home with their kids and family. Steven and Glory Nelms are new parents living in Dallas, Texas and came to this number after deciding it would be more logical for Glory to stay home instead of sending their new child to day care.

Steven told BuzzFeed news that he did all kinds of research and even talked with experts to find out how much money his wife’s work would make her.

After calculating her work and earnings for different tasks, the total came out to $73,960 per year.

Here are some of Glory’s daily and weekly, routine responsibilities:

Cleaning Service: $50 to 100 per visit at least once a week.

Personal Shopper: $65 per hour at four hours a week.

Chef: $240 a week.

Laundry: $25 a week at the bare minimum.

PR Assistant when she accompanies him to work functions: $75 per hour.

While some people might think this this number is high, there have been many situations where people come up with a number and it ends up being much higher than $73,960 per year.

Steven wrote his findings on his blog and told BuzzFeed news that he received a lot of attention for this claim, and while some of the responses have been mixed, most are positive.

In his blog, We Found Glory, Steven writes that crunching these numbers has really helped him with the concept of having a shared income. “I always understood the idea that my income is our income,” he said, “but this really shed light on exactly how much she does deserve, and how essential it is to understand that no cent of what I ‘earn’ belongs solely to me”

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