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15 Reasons To Be Grateful You Live In The 21st Century

The history of medicine is a pretty amazing thing. It’s easy to complain about the current state of healthcare, but before you start griping, it might give you some perspective to see how things USED to be done. Yikes!

1. A nose shaper.

Pain is beauty…beauty is pain.

2. This bullet extractor.

At this point I’d just rather leave it in there…

3. The Ice-cube mask…

4. Portable respirator

This was most commonly used for patients with Polio.

5. A mouth stretcher/gagging tool.

One does not need much more description to get the point across of how insanely uncomfortable this sounds.

6. An anti-masturbation device.

Nothing keeps your hands out of your pants like a giant bronze sheath, amirite?

7. An old-school surgical saw.

Not enough anesthesia in the world…

8. A World War II-era operating chair…

…that looks disconcertingly like an electric chair. Yikes.

9. A domestic enema machine.

10. The vibra-finger gum massager.

I’m sure this is the ONLY thing people used this particular item for…their gums….

11. This amputation saw that looks like something straight out of Game of Thrones.

12. This was known as a “blood-letting” device.

Seems like a not-so-carefully veiled way to murder someone.

13. What syringes once looked like.

Tetnis shot? No thank you!

14. A Civil War-era venereal disease kit.

15. Rector dilators.



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