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24 Life Hacks From 100 Years Ago That Are Still Useful In Today’s Society

Back in the day – the early 1900’s to be exact – cigarette manufacturers began inserting “stiffening cards” into their packs to make them sturdier and more reliable, enabling cigarettes to last longer.

Eventually though, someone at UK-based Gallaher Cigarettes had a revelation. Why not make these cards useful in some way? So, without delay, they thought up a series of 100 “How to do it” stiffening cards for their cigarettes, each with their own practical tip and corresponding visual aid pictures – or what we’d refer to today as, “life hacks.”┬áHere are 24 of our favorites, that still very much apply today.

1. How to pull out long nails.

hack 1

hack 1a

2. How to kill a tree stump.

hack 2

hack 2a

3. How to make a simple gate latch.

hack 3

hack 3a

4. How to make corks fit.

hack 4

hack 4a

5. How to make a fire extinguisher.

hack 5

hack 5a

6. How to make a water fountain for chicks.

hack 6

hack 6a

7. How to adjust a door.

hack 7


hack 7a

8. How to cool wine without ice.

hack 8

hack 8a

9. How to clean an oil painting.

hack 9

hack 9a

10. How to extract a splinter.

hack 10

hack 10a

11. How to treat squeaky boots.

hack 11

hack 11a

12. How to remove a tight ring from the finger.

hack 12

hack 12a

13. How to clean bottles.

hack 13

hack 13a

14. How to measure with coins.

hack 14

hack 14a

15. How to draw a circle without compasses.

hack 15

hack 15a

16. How to keep a paint brush handle clean.

hack 16

hack 16a

17. How to pick up broken glass.

hack 17

hack 17a

18. How to separate glass tumblers.

hack 18

hack 18a

19. How to light a match in the wind.

hack 19

hack 19a

20. How to tell the points of the compass with a watch.

hack 20

hack 20a

21. How to revive cut flowers.

hack 21

hack 21a

22. How to judge the freshness of a lobster.

hack 22

hack 22a

23. Three useful knots.

hack 23

hack 23a

24. How to stop a runaway horse.

hack 24

hack 24a

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