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If You’re Trying To Improve Your Diet, These 7 Steps Will Help You Along The Way

Dieting is hard. But this isn’t a diet routine, these are some friendly reminders on how to eat smarter. You can do it!

1. Attempt to cut back on the snacks

Snacks really do nothing for you, they usually leave you feeling hungry or gross. They don’t normally add any nutritional value to your diet and are therefore a lot of wasted calories. Unless you’re snacking on fruits and veggies, try to cut back.

2. Cut liquid calories out of your diet

Soda, pop, coke – whatever you’re calling it, it’s all bad for you. Liquid calories are a waste of calories and don’t do anything to benefit your body. Any drink with a lot of sugar is doing more harm than good. Try drinking more water and you might start craving the sugary drinks less.

3. Try really hard to eat slower

Eating slowly can help you actually eat less. If you don’t shove your face all at once, your body has time to digest and let you know when you’re starting to get full. If you eat too quickly, you’re body won’t be able to tell you you’re getting full until it’s too late.

4. Eat more protein

Protein usually helps keep you fuller for longer which is a good thing when you’re trying not to snack. It also helps preserve lean muscle mass.

5. Start lifting

Cardio isn’t enough. Lifting weights will help tone parts of your body you didn’t even know you could tone. So do as Nike says and JUST DO IT.

6. Caffeine is your friend


Seriously, drink some coffee or tea that is caffeinated. Caffeine can suppress your appetite and make you more alert. It’s something you want more of.

7. Finally, never deprive yourself of something you’re craving

Know that when you start working on your diet you will slip up from time to time. No one is perfect and dieting or eating healthier is a long lifestyle choice that will be an everyday battle. But when you’re really craving something, don’t deprive your body from it for too long otherwise you could end up overeating and that’s not good either. Go all out at Chipotle from time to time. IT’S SO GOOD.

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