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This Graveyard Was Kept Secret For Half A Century. The Reason Why Is Incredible

This warplane graveyard makes for some fascinating photos… but when you hear about the man who created the graveyard, you’ll realize it’s actually a pretty neat story, as well.

Walter Soplata was disqualified from the military due to his stutter, so went to work as a scrapeyard worker instead.

When World War II was over, he knew the “war birds” used were going to pretty much go extinct, and this broke his heart. So he had an idea.

He bought a huge chunk of land in Ohio, and began an absolutely EPIC collection of planes.

His collection includes a B-25, a Vultee BT-15 Trainer, and a Goodyear FG-1D Corsair.

His kids even made a club house out of one of the fuselages!

Soplata died several years ago, but his family keeps up the graveyard, and keeping with his vision, refuses to sell any of the pieces/let them go to the hands of scrappers.

Soplata created a way for these planes to live on—and his memory lives on with them!

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