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This New Water Bottle Is Just The Thing You Need To Start Staying Hydrated All Day

The Hydaway is more than just an adorable water bottle that comes in multiple colors to match absolutely anything you’re wearing (although it is also that).

It is reusable water bottle made from food-grade silicone with absolutely NO BPA that can fit right in your little pocket!

The water bottles are collapsible! When they’re scrunched into their traveling size they look like this.

Pulled out for drinking, they look like this.

The Hydaway water bottle is the brain child of designer Niki Singlaub, and he’s bringing the project to Kickstarter in hopes that the product will reach the market eventually. We hope so, too!

Be sure to click below to visit both the Kickstarter as well as Singlaub’s LinkedIn page to learn a little bit more about the designer!

Click here to visit the Kickstarter. Click here to visit Singlaub’s LinkedIn.

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