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This Woman’s Friends Thought She Was Insane, But She’s Proving Them Wrong Every Day

This woman found out she had a life-threatening condition and decided to make a change. Instead of stressing about paying a mortgage and cleaning her much-larger-than-necessary house, she sold it and decided to downsize. Simplifying her house and her life, some people thought she was crazy, but it turns out she has everything she needs in this “big tiny” house.

This is Dee Williams home

It is only 86 sq. ft.

Her heart condition opened her eyes to the positives of living a smaller and more simple life

She doesn’t have many materialistic things anymore…

But she doesn’t need them

She wrote a book called, The Big Tiny

Which talks about her life in her small home and her decision to downsize

Now, she helps work with Portland Alternative Dwellings

A company that helps build small homes for others

She doesn’t know if she will live like this forever, but for now, it’s all she needs!

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