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13 People Who Are Definitely Worth Marrying. #6 Are Definitely Soulmates

These people. Are ready.

1. This cuddle buddy.

2. The girlfriend that did this.

3. This boyfriend. 60 SECONDS!

4. This guy who knows what’s good for him.

5. True love right here.

6. This couple.

7. The girlfriend that misses your snoring.

8. This person who is all about you.

9. The boyfriend with no shame.

10. This person who just loves SO MUCH.

11. This person who persuades with pancakes.

12. The person who made this so stockings could be hung at christmas.

13. And to the boyfriend who made his girlfriend’s dreams come true.

She asked for, “A rainbow unicorn with a rhinestone heart on the forehead who farts skittles.” She got EXACTLY that.

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