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18 Groomsmen Whose Photos Were Better Than The Bride And Groom. Still Laughing At #6

These groomsmen knew it was the last time they were going to be able to get into shenanigans with their buddy in quite the same way, and they took perfect advantage of the situation. The resulting photos are GLORIOUS.

1. They can be your heroes, baby!

groomsmen 1

2. Pants down, but classing it up.

groomsmen 2

3. An epic jumping photo…from the biggest wedding party in the entire world.

groomsmen 3

4. They sure will!

groomsmen 4

5. Gaming groomsmen, FTW!

groomsmen 5

6. Run, Allen! RUN!!!

groomsmen 6

…Jurassic Park fans, anyone?

7. Do NOT go in there for a few minutes!

groomsmen 7

8. First rule about wedding parties: Don’t talk about wedding parties!

groomsmen 8

9. Hug it out, guys. Hug. It. OUT.

groomsmen 9

10. Who needs Lebron?

groomsmen 10

11. The most romantic photo of all time.

groomsmen 11

12. Land, ahoy!

groomsmen 12

13. “Shotgun Wedding” is an understatement.

groomsmen 13

14. They’re so fancy. You already know!

groomsmen 14

15. Oh my GOD look at the size of that ROCK!

groomsmen 15

16. Who says bridesmaids are the only ones who can rock a bouquet?

groomsmen 16

17. Bottoms up, boys!

groomsmen 17

18. This may have been somewhat of a “you had to be there” situation…

groomsmen 18

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