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22 Times Geeky Couples Absolutely Nailed Their Engagement Photos

When you get engaged, your photos should definitely represent you and your soon-to-be spouse, so make sure you find something you both love, no matter how nerdy it may be.

1. These Hogwarts lovers

2. And this perfect witch and wizard

3. These comic collectors

4. This Doctor Who loving couple

5. And this one

6. This pair with whom the force is strong

7. This perfect Lego Mini Fig photo

8. These Star Wars fans

9. This perfectly styled Up photoshoot

10. This couple who both said “I Choose You!”

11. This Mario Kart pair that can’t be beat

12. This pair of superheroes

13. And these ones off to save the world

14. This Batman and the woman who knows his true identity

15. This adorable Toy Story tribute

16. This Hello Kitty rockstar couple

17. This steampunk pair

18. These creative builders

19. These classic bookworms

20. This literary couple

21. These gorgeous gamers

22. And these ones

23. These two and their animated pals

24. This couple who loves all things star

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