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9 Hilarious Texts From Dads Who Clearly Care About Their Kids

Dads. They’re monumental figures in our lives. The good ones take care of their kids, support their passions, and love them despite the decisions they make or things that they say. But sometimes, that’s hard to tell.

Sometimes, to find the affection in a dad’s remarks, you’ve gotta dig deep. Really deep.

1. When in doubt, encourage your kid.

dad text 1

2. Help them believe they can achieve their goals.

dad text 2

3. Ask the right questions.

dad text 3

4. Be intentional about quality one-on-one time.

dad text 4

“Lightly fried” one-on-one time, that is.

5. Do your best to keep your kids from becoming prideful.

dad text 5

6. And ALWAYS stay engaged in their lives.

dad text 6

7. When giving them instruction, be as specific as you can be.

dad text 7

8. When they ask you questions, always give them a straight answer.

dad text 8

9. And above all, always speak wisdom when they need it.

dad text 9

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