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He Became The Star Of His High School, But He Kept His Elementary School Promises

Mary Lapkowicz and Ben Moser have been friends since they were little. Mary has Down syndrome but that never made any difference to Ben. The two had been classmates for 3 years in elementary school, according to Ben’s mom. In fourth grade, Ben promised Mary that when they were older he would take her to prom.

And that is exactly what happened. They went to prom together!!!

The two friends eventually ended up going to separate high schools, but reconnected at a football game when their high schools ended up playing each other.

When the two saw each other again, Ben remembered his promise to Mary back when they were little.

He ended up asking her to prom and they went to the dance at Mary’s school.

Mary had no idea Ben even remembered his promise and was very surprised when he asked her.

They attended the dance this past spring and put a smile on everyone’s faces during pictures and at the dance.

Tom Lapokwicz, Mary’s brother, took to Facebook saying that Ben making good on his promise to take Mary to prom “put a smile on Mary’s face & restored my faith in humanity.”  He also said, “A lot of grade-school aged kids may have stayed away from my sister…But not Ben.”

The story of Ben and Mary’s amazing friendship is inspiring to say the least. We hope they stay friends forever!

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