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Watch What Happens When This Girl Asks 100 Guys to Have Sex With Her

Whatever is a YouTube Channel that likes to take on social experiments. They prank people and test people and then put the funny videos online. A couple years ago, Whatever had a girl named Andrea walk around to random guys and ask them if they would like to have sex with her. When she did the original experiment, about 50 percent of her answers were yes.

Recently, Andrea tried this experiment again to see what her results would be. It’s kind of a long clip, and while you don’t have to watch all of it, it gets pretty funny and awkward at some parts.

Here are the results from the last experiment:

Here she goes!


“Babeee, we’re gonna get married and have kids!”

She asks him to have sex and he needs to get some Gatorade. K.

This guy has got it so right.

“I’m going to walk away now…”

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