This Feature in Cosmo Features a Disturbing Trend, and It’s Got the Magazine in Hot Water

In a country (and world) that is already so riddled with oppression and unfair degradation as a result of race, Cosmopolitan has made an inexcusable error.

The magazine recently published a feature that said goodbye to “dead” beauty trends by labeling them “R.I.P.” and comparing them with preferred beauty trends, labeling those “Hello, Gorgeous!”

But when you look at the feature, you’ll notice a disturbing pattern.

Every single “Hello, Gorgeous!” example is a white woman, with the example of Nicole Richie, who is biracial.

disturbing trend 1

The “R.I.P.” women, on the other hand, more often than not ended up being women of color.

disturbing trend 2

There were too many examples for this to be written off. There were 21 examples in the feature.

disturbing trend 3

People on social media have expressed their intense frustration and disappointment with the magazine. Many people have called to boycott the publication, and their blatantly discriminatory ways.

disturbing trend 4

While this particular example may be more brazen than other examples of discrimination within the industry…

disturbing trend 5

…it’s already an arena that is desperately needing more diversity.

disturbing trend 6

The editors from Cosmopolitan have apologized for any offense they might have caused, but the public has made it clear that they need to not just apologize—they need to do better

disturbing trend 7

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