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21 Incredible Photos Of The Places Where One Country Ends And Another Begins

National borders can change very drastically awfully quickly, and when you see the actual borders you can usually tell a lot about the two (or more) countries there.

1. Slovakia, Austria and Hungary

2. Norway and Sweden

3. Netherlands and Belgium

4. Poland and Ukraine

5. Haiti and The Dominican Republic, which have very different environmental protection laws

6. Zipline that connects Spain and Portugal

7. USA and Mexico

8. Macau and mainland China. Macau drives on the left side of the road, mainland China on the right. This is their solution for when you cross the border​.

9. Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

10. Bolivia and Brasil

11. USA and Mexico

12. Denmark and Sweden

13. Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium

14. USA and Canada

15. Sweden and Norway

16. A woman in Lithuania speaking to her friends in Belarus

17. Germany and Czech Republic

18. Spain and Portugal

19. Egypt and Israel

20. German, Poland and Czech

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