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If You’re Not A Woman, These 5 Photos Will Give You A Window Into Their World

Last year, in the horrible wake of the Santa Barbara shootings, a discussion about gender relationships emerged.

One photographer, Allaire Bartel, took inspiration from this open dialogue.

Bartel wanted to create a photo series that captured the everyday experience of being a woman.

The series is called “Boundaries,” and depicts the overt sexism that is demonstrated by men who feel they have the right to violate women’s privacy.

Bartel was inspired by her own experiences, as well as those of her models. She noted that all women can relate to the feelings expressed in these photos—they’re not experiences unique to victims of domestic or sexual abuse.

She wanted to know that sexism exists all over, not only in the extreme cases we hear about in the news. Oppression is actually all over the place.

Bartel wants to organize fundraising around her photographs so that proceeds can go towards benefiting women’s shelters.

Hear the inspiring artist talk about the series herself:

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