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These Photographs Of Women From 30 Countries Prove That Beauty Exists Everywhere

This amazing photo series called, The Atlas Of Beauty, shows what beauty looks like around the world. A photographer from Romania quit her job two years ago and ventured on a journey across 37 countries. She saw beauty in the faces of many women and decided to photograph what females look like around the world. Her work aims to represent that while global trends make us assume we are all the same, in reality we are all very different and so is beauty.

The Atlas Of Beauty serves as a reminder that everyone is different but beauty is everywhere. It is a reminder to embrace ones culture and remain authentic to who you are and where you come from.

For more info on the photographer and her work, check out the sites below:

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1. Riga, Latvia.

2. San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

3. Medellin, Colombia.

4. Tibetan Plateau, China

5. Havana, Cuba.

6. Shiraz, Iran.

7. New York, USA.

8. Nasir al-Mulk, Iran.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10. Havana, Cuba.

11. Otavalo, Ecuador.

12. Amazon Rainforest.

13. Maori Temple, New Zealand.

14. Maramures, Romania.

15. San Francisco, USA.

16. Yangon, Myanmar.

17. Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

18. Sydney, Australia.

19. Oxford, UK.

20. Little India, Singapore.

21. Taskent, Uzbekistan.

22. Chang Mai, Thailand.

23. Tbilisi, Georgia.

24. Mawlamyine, Myanmar.

25. Colca Valley, Peru.

26. Bogota, Colombia.

27. Tibetan Plateau, China.

28. El Paico, Chile.

29. Ethiopia.

30. Baltic Sea, Fineland.

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