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This Church in Belgium Was Brilliantly Designed to Look Different From All Angles

Belgian architect group, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, built a church in Belgium, and it’s pretty plain…from certain angles.

From others, the structure reveals itself to be something else entirely – a building that’s almost entirely see through. The project, named “Reading Between the Lines,” is a composition of 100 layers of stacked steel, that are equidistantly staggered in a way that illusively change in appearance based on where the viewer is standing.

Looks like a pretty normal, quaint little church right?

church 1

Wrong…oh so wrong.

church 2

This is most certainly not your normal church. Not even close.

church 3

When looking at it laterally, the structure is entirely see-through.

church 4

But when looking at it head on, it appears much denser.

church 5

The more vertical the view, the less see-through it becomes.

church 6

And because it’s made of steel, the structure also weighs a whopping 30 tons.

church 7

The intent behind its design, was for the church to be tangibly present…

church 8

But also visually absent at the same time.

church 9

Year-round, it attracts quite the crowd of mesmerized spectators…

church 10

And they’re all trying to read between the lines.

church 11

But sometimes, that can be easier said than done.

church 12



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