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This Professor Had The Most Perfect Reaction Ever When A Student’s Baby Started Crying

For a real teacher, lessons extend beyond the written curriculum. Lessons carry over to ideals, and how teachers carry themselves, how they handle certain situations.

Such a situation occurred in Jerusalem’s Hebrew University recently, and the resulting photographs have gone viral.

During one of Engelberg’s classes, this little toddler started crying. The mother was a student attending the lecture, and when she realized the fuss the child was causing she started to pack up and get ready to go.

Photographs of one professor, Sydney Engelberg, and a small child have gone viral in recent days, and the reason is pretty special.

But before she could leave, professor Engelberg took the baby from her, calmed the little guy down and just went on with the lecture, child still in his arms!

According to Engelberg’s daughter, who did an interview with BuzzFeed News, the professor absolutely loves children, and not only allows but encourages his students who are parents to bring their kids into class with them.

We think all people who complain when children cry in a restaurant, or on a plane, or really at ANY other point and can’t find it within them to show some sympathy for a parent should take a leaf out of this guy’s book.

We can’t put it much better than these commenters:

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