Great Feats People

What These 21 People Did With Their Broken Stuff Is Totally GENIUS

1. A chair made from old hangers

stuff 1

2. An old bike used as a sink stand

stuff 2

3. A coffee table made from old books

stuff 3

4. Old crutches made into a bookshelf

stuff 4

5. Coat hooks made from forks

stuff 5

6. Lamps made from an old globe

stuff 6

7. A greenhouse made from old windows

stuff 7

8. A dish rack made from old hangers

stuff 8

9. An old ladder turned into a bookshelf

stuff 9

stuff 9b

10. A hanging bed made from pallets

stuff 10

11. An old piano made into a bookshelf

stuff 11

12. Magnetic planters made from wine corks

stuff 12

13. Old CDs made into a mosaic bowl

stuff 13

stuff 13b

stuff 13c

stuff 13d

14. Earrings made from paint chips

stuff 14

stuff 14b

stuff 14c

15. A postcard rack made from a shutter

 stuff 15

16. Lampshades made from spoons

stuff 16

17. A dog bed made from an old suitcase

stuff 17

18. Drawers made from old suitcases

stuff 18

19. Teacups made into candles

stuff 19

20. An ottoman made from a tire

stuff 20

stuff 20b

stuff 20d

21. A rake made into a wine-glass rack

stuff 21

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